Who are the TOP 25 HR Influencers in Germany?

- and who are the TOP 10 Recruiting Influencers in Germany?

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Who should follow if you want to stay up to date in HR and look for new thoughts and ideas?

The editorial staff of the German "Personalmagazin" (with a sold circulation of 28,000 copies by far the market leader among the HR magazines in Germany) has compiled a ranking of the Top 25 Influencers in HR. This was by no means an easy task. There was a biennial list of the "40 leading HR minds". These people write books, are scientists, practitioners and consultants and are invited to give lectures. But the perception and the information collection takes place more and more on the internet nowadays. This raised the question of digital influencers.

Who is active in social media and is perceived? Who built a large network of relevant followers? 

Answers to these questions were obviously not so easy to find, automatic evaluations did not deliver the desired results: opinion makers, who were already known to the editors, were not spat out by the systems. The topic of HR is not so well demarcated and recruiter were highlightes who frequently use social media to search for candidates. Therefore, the procedure was similar to the "40 leading HR heads". The editorial staff made a list of influencers already known to them and then expanded this list through talks with multipliers. Relevant for the list is the presence in Linkedin and Twitter. At Xing, this data is more difficult or impossible to collect and the other "influencer wonder world" Instagram is of little relevance to the HR scene.

These are the TOP 25 kings in terms of reach for HR topics on Linkedin and Twitter

Of course, I am also pleased about the honor of being on this list. Congratulations to all the others! 

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Who are the TOP 10 Recruiting Influencers?

My topic is known to be recruiting in all forms. Therefore, I have tried to filter out of the overall list those who communicate regularly or more frequently on the topic of recruiting. Here is my first attempt (change requests to me under wb@competitiverecruiting.de)

Please feel free to follow or connect with these experts if you would like to stay uptodate in recruiting.