What are the best ATS (applicant tracking systems) for Active Sourcing in Germany?

What ATS supports your active sourcings activities in Germany best?

As a typical (active) sourcer, you don't have a lot of time and would like to be more productive. What if you could do your sourcing right out of ATS? Sometimes it's possible, mostly not, depending on the solution provider.

Let's have a look on how your fellow recruiters (in total 1200+) assess the most important solutions in Germany.

One of the 25 criteria in the assessment (within the ICR-Recruiting Software Report) of the 19 ATS solutions is the possibility of  "Sourcing of potentials candidates in external Sources" . 4 is the highest rating, 1 the lowest. The best assessed ones are Coveto, eRecruiter, d.vinci, prescreen, talentlink lumesse and Talention. 

So, you might want to have a look at those, knowing that your fellow recruiters have assessed this criteria positively. But a selection is usually based on some other criteria as well, so don't forget to compare those as well. You can find all info in the ICR-Recruiting Software Report (in German).