Tales from the Tech Recruiters' Disneyland: #HRTechWorld Amsterdam

Trends & Tools for the future of Tech Recruiting

Recruiting is alread quite a challenge today, especially in the Tech area. We certainly could use some new approaches. But still, most companies look at the recruiting of tomorrow with the things they know about today. But in a world of rapid and exponential technological change, that is no longer enough. At the recent HR Tech World 2017 in Amsterdam (4500 visitors) I understood thet we have to understand the Day After Tomorrow: new concepts, ideas, technologies and models, and use that knowledge to scope our future. In the world of recruiting, it means we have to rethink the very core of our mission, it means we have to re-imagine our role, and most importantly it means we have to rethink our tools and instruments. The future of our companies, in the Day After Tomorrow, rests on our capability to reshape your organization into the age of agility and fluidity.

What are the top trends in recruiting?

In one of the opening key notes Sharing Economies, Blockchain, AI an IoT have been mentioned as the big trends in the future in general. Not all of them have an immediate impact on our profession. Some like AI and Sharing Economies have a significantly higher meaning and an earlier adoption in recruiting than Blockchain and IoT. AI is a very special field in this regard: Only approximately 10.000 people worldwide are up the challenge to further this topic.No wonder that starting salaries for graduate are in the range of 300.000 - 400.000 USD, experienced experts can ask an get salaries in the millions. But how can AI impact recruiting

Let's for example have a look at this example:

A company started to notice a pattern during the recruitment follow up process: a high number of applicants failed to engage with our recruitment team. Candidates busy lifestyle meant that they were often difficult to align with. They needed a solution to engage these candidates in smarter ways. Enter Chatbot (and in the near future AI) 

Glimps into the future of recruiting

Some of the tools and software solutions presented at the HR Tech Amsterdam are a kind of glimps into the future of recruiting:

Candidates are interviewed by chat- or videobots, a shortlist is automatically created via the software. A candidate’s desire to work for an organisation is scored accurately in real time, enabling recruiters to improve candidate experience (less spam),  the quality of shortlist and reduce costs and time to hire. Hyper-targeting, Artificial Intelligence and A/B testing is used to automate finding the perfect candidate - based on their true passion - at the right channel and right time. An AI automatically get the right candidates and matches them for the right roles. Some vendors have gathered 1.6 Billion profiles from various (network) sources and are able to present candidates outside of Linkedin with ease.

Are you an IT recruiter? Do you really have the necessary technical knowledge to make that critical technical skills assessment? Don't you worry: a new inexpensive software is available that uses artificial intelligence to instantly assesses your candidates’ skills and experience – with absolute accuracy so you know they can do what they say they can.

Some cool new Tools for Tech Recruiter


...enables companies to recruit strategically by building and nurturing talent pools to stay ahead of business demand, hit hiring targets and reduce costs and time to hire.

It increases pipeline visibility: Understand each candidate’s stage of interest for a deeper insight into pipeline health and track which sources consistently produce the best quality candidates.

It increases direct sourcing and reduce the  spend on job advertising and agencies by building talent pipelines that recruiters can own and get high quality passive talent aware considering the jobs when they’re ready to make a career change.

More info: Candidate.ID

Robot Vera

Robot Vera will find employees for companies. Vera will find resumes on jobportals (currently just 5 Russians), call the potential employees and hold an interview

Vera will call the candidates and tell them about the job: Using modern technologies, Vera can call the candidates and recognize their speech. Vera will select the best candidates and provide a shortlist to the recruiter.

They claim to have done this with 1 Mio. candidates in the last 9 month.

More info: Robot Vera



Are you an IT recruiter? Do you really
 have the necessary technical knowledge to make that critical technical skills assessment? Don't you worry: Internal or external recruiters and HR staff rarely have the necessary technical knowledge to make that critical technical skills assessment. DevScore uses artificial intelligence to instantly assesses the candidates’ skills and experience – with absolute accuracy.

DevScore evaluates each candidate’s technical skillset to prove they can do what they say they can. Forget time-consuming programming aptitude tests. DevScore ranks developers by experience and ability. Objectively.

And by the way, they turned the table around, you can even source for matching candidates: currently 6.5 Mio, expecting to double this figure until the end of the year.

More info: devscore


Talentwunder is an award-winning startup (Direct Sourcing Engine) that helps companies find the best people worldwide. 

In order to achieve this, they have developed a specialized search engine, consisting of more than 1.6 billion profiles from social media, business, IT & science, as well as design networks that filters matching candidates. Furthermore, with the help of Big Data, it calculates the relocation probability as well as the candidate’s willingness to change jobs.

Via this, they can identify the candidates that are willing to move before they have even started to look for a new job and provide recruiters with a competitive advantage.

More info: Talentwunder


Talention is a Recruitment Marketing Software helping companies to leverage the opportunity to drive their message as an employer into target audiences and influence potential candidates decision to become a real engaged candidate at their company. 

It empowers recruiters to know exactly what sources or online actitivities are successful and which are not with an easy to use yet comprehensive measuring system and dashboard.

More info: Talention

Pocket Recruiter

Recruiting Software Services for Advanced Matching & Tracking of Candidates to Opportunities. They help recruiters turn their existing talent pipeline into real candidates.

Pocket Recruiter drastically reduces the time it takes to screen, source and evaluate candidates. They help recruiters enjoy a higher interview to placement ratio and delighted (internal) clients.

Using the latest in machine learning software technology, they developed PocketRecruiter to optimize the recruiting process and to empower recruiters to work smarter and faster.

Their motto is "stop searching, start matching"

More info: Pocket Recruiter


RoboRecruiter takes the guess-work out of Recruitment RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  We have worked with clients to create a suite of products which follow industry best-practice communication to manage and maintain data on the contacts that drive success in your business. 

PALS is a cornerstone product in the RoboRecruiter suite. PALS stands for Price, Availability, Location and Skillset. This information is critical in order for the recruitment team to fill new requirements at speed. Recruiters can use PALS to update, maintain and understand, in real-time, the current status of their contacts.

JobVet is a solution to manage the application pipeline. Using RoboRecruiter's platform to quickly and easily build out personalized and job specific conversational templates, recruiters can quickly and efficiently manage, vet and priortize candidate's that meet the criteria of their roles. 

More info: RoboRecruiter


There have been certainly more and interesting cool new software solutions, but these have been the most impressive ones to myself.

Enjoy the info and see you next time at the HRTech World now dubbed Unleash.

Wolfgang Brickwedde